Protecting You and Your Family

From Our Broken Legal System

I am Adam O. Kirwan, J.D., LL.M., founder of The Kirwan Law Firm and author of the books, The Asset Protection Guide for Florida Physicians, and The Asset Protection Guide for Florida Residents.  Many if not most people who pursue a career in law do so out of a reverence for our legal system. I was not one of those people. Prior to entering law school, I had already personally experienced how our legal system was not at all a system justice. I have always been a pragmatist and decided that the best way to combat our system's inequities was to use legal means to help people avoid being ensnared in its gossamer webs of cost, delays, and ironically, injustices.

I also strongly believe that the most important things in life are family, friends, and personal growth. These ideals, especially justice and protecting family, are what the Kirwan Law Firm is all about. But this is only effectively accomplished through being meticulous in understanding each person's individual goals, objectives, situation, and risks, and then constructing a custom plan to ensure they are brought to fruition. This is what the Kirwan Law Firm is committed to do for each of its clients.

Educate Yourself on Asset Protection.

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Click here to learn more about the book, The Asset Protection Guide for Florida Physicians
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Click here to learn more about the book, The Asset Protection Guide for Florida Residents


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Protect What's Important

"The real question you have to ask yourself is "Do I trust our legal system to produce a just result enough of the time so that I would feel comfortable relying on it as my sole protection from a frivolous law suit?" If you can honestly answer "Yes" to this question, then you have no need for asset protection."

Why Is Asset Protection So Important?

The Florida Asset Protection Trust

The Florida Asset Protection Trust (“FLAPT”)is an irrevocable trust that is sitused (at least initially), in the state of Florida but which is highly flexible to meet the your changing needs. The FLAPT not only provides excellent asset protection, but the protection may even be better than Delaware or Nevada type Trusts. To learn more click here.

Protect Your Income From Creditors.

Protecting your assets is obviously important, but it is also critical to protect your future income. To learn how, click here.

Why The “P.A.” Is The Worst Legal Entity To House Your Medical Practice

P.A.s (professional associations) and P.L.s (professional limited liability companies) are the single worst form of legal entity to house your medical practice; and perversely, this is business entity that most physicians have been told to use by their advisers. This article discusses the problems posed by P.A.s, why so many physicians have them, and what Florida physicians can do to protect the source of your livelihood in these uncertain economic times., click here.

Protect Your Children.

Our children are our most valued asset. To learn how to do customized, intelligent planning to ensure the have the best chance of happiness and success, even if you are not around to guide them yourself, click here.