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Below are my first two videos on the topic of asset protection. Many more will be coming soon. I hope you find them interesting and helpful.

An Introduction:
Why Asset Protection Planning Is Important

Why The "P.A." Is The Worst Legal Entity To House Your Medical Practice


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Protect What's Important

Why Is Asset Protection So Important?

Protect Your Income From Creditors.

Protecting your assets is obviously import, but it is also critical to protect your future income. To learn how, click here.

Time Is Running Out!

One of the single biggest opportunity for a married couple to permanently shelter up to $10,000,000 AND ALL THE GROWTH ON THOSE ASSETS from both estate taxation and the reach of creditors is due to expire at the end of this year. To learn how to take advantage of this stroke of good fortune before its too late, click here.

Protect Your Children.

Our children are our most valued asset. To learn how to do customized, intelligent planning to ensure the have the best chance of happiness and success, even if you are not around to guide them yourself, click here.