The Asset Protection Guide For Florida Residents

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Americans today are living in an increasingly uncertain world. Daily swings of 300 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average are common place, financial markets are suffering historic losses, banks are going broke, the real estate market is at a standstill, and the unemployment rate is climbing. $700 billion of taxpayer money has recently been allocated to bailout Wall Street with little of that money making its way to help the average citizen. Large numbers of individuals have watched their investments and retirement savings spiral downward. Many more are upside down in their real estate investments and are being actively pursued by banks and mortgage companies.

When times get tough and people lose money, law suits abound as they look to place blame and seek sources to replace their lost assets. In fact, the fifth annual Litigation Trends Survey issued by the law firm, Fulbright & Jaworski, is predicting an upswing in lawsuits in 2009. Add to this the fact that American's faith in our government and legal system is at historic lows, and the reason why you need to take active steps to protect the assets you have left becomes abundantly obvious. People sue for ridiculous reasons in the hopes that they can hit the lawsuit lottery seemingly without concern for the people that get hurt along the way. The real question you have to ask yourself is "Do I trust our legal system to produce a just result enough of the time so that I would feel comfortable relying on it as my sole protection from a frivolous law suit?" If you can honestly answer "Yes" to this question, then you have no need for this book. If you cannot honestly answer "Yes" then this book will help you discover how to take back your power and protect the assets you have worked hard to amass.

Most, if not all, asset protection books on the market suffer from one fatal flaw; namely, they are generic and completely ignore the role that state law plays. Any book that discusses asset protection techniques such as Family Limited Partnerships, Offshore Trusts, various domestic trusts, etc. cannot provide any truly meaningful advice if they ignore which state's laws apply to (i) the legal structure, (ii) the person using it, and (iii) the assets being protected. A particular type of trust may be wonderfully protective to someone living in Delaware but absolutely ineffective to a Floridian. This is the first asset protection book that I am aware of that specifically addresses Florida state law issues. Therefore, this book will be especially meaningful to (i) Florida residents, (ii) those individuals planning on moving to Florida, (iii) those individuals who would be willing to move to Florida (like O.J. Simpson) to gain an asset protection advantage, and (iv) anyone interested in understanding the role that state laws play in protecting one's assets.


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Protect What's Important

Why Is Asset Protection So Important?

Protect Your Income From Creditors.

Protecting your assets is obviously import, but it is also critical to protect your future income. To learn how, click here.

Time Is Running Out!

One of the single biggest opportunity for a married couple to permanently shelter up to $10,000,000 AND ALL THE GROWTH ON THOSE ASSETS from both estate taxation and the reach of creditors is due to expire at the end of this year. To learn how to take advantage of this stroke of good fortune before its too late, click here.

Protect Your Children.

Our children are our most valued asset. To learn how to do customized, intelligent planning to ensure the have the best chance of happiness and success, even if you are not around to guide them yourself, click here.